May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! - The Hill Hear Better Clinic

communication across the lifespanBy Ryan Hill, Au.D

Happy May Day! In addition to May bringing spring flowers and Mother?s Day, May is also Better Hearing & Speech Month— something that is near and dear to our hearts.

So, how do you get the best hearing possible?

If you need hearing aids get them AND wear them!

  • Help keep your hearing optimized and keep your brain in-tune with the world around you. With hearing loss, your brain is lacking the stimulation it needs and by wearing hearing aids you?re keeping your brain in shape!

Keep your hearing aids up to date

  • Make sure you?re regularly checking your hearing aids and cleaning them to ensure they are functioning to the best of their power.
  • Keep up with annual evaluations and follow ups to let the pros make sure you?re hearing aids are performing optimally for you!

Use proper communication techniques

  • With or without hearing loss, proper communication can save a lot of frustration!
  • Don?t speak to someone from another room, move yourself closer to them before starting a conversation.
  • Gain someone?s attention before presenting the content of your idea. For example, call their name before asking a question.
  • In noisy restaurants sit at the seat next to the person instead of across the table. Sit with your back facing a wall or in a high booth.
  • Speak up, speak slow! This is especially so for those with hearing loss!

If you or a loved one want to know how we can help you hear better, please contact us at The Hill Hear Better Clinic any time!