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Do your ears feel clogged?

Have you had a sudden change in your hearing?

Does it feel like your ears are under water?

Have you noticed an increase in wax drainage from your ears?

If so, you could have a simple wax build up in your ears. Luckily, you have come to the right place!

At The Hill Hear Better Clinic our Audiologists are experts in ear wax removal! We can get wax out that even your doctors may struggle with, likely within just a few minutes!

We use 2 different methods for ear wax removal which are quick and mostly painless:

  • Removal by video otoscopy with curette
    • Watch on the screen as our audiologists pull wax from your ear.
  • Removal by warm water irrigation
    • A simple flush of the ears using warm water is refreshing and effective.
    • We use a highly specific tool called the Earigator which can remove that hard to reach wax.

The scientific name for wax is cerumen and it is produced by ceruminous glands in the outer portion of your ear canal. As pesky as it may be it serves a good purpose for your ear. It helps to trap debris that may come into the ear and when your body heats up the wax loosens and makes its way out of the ear. However, buildups can occur, especially with the use of q-tips, certain over the counter wax softeners, ear plug use, and a few others.

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