Why Choose the Hill Hear Better Clinic?

Your hearing matters. Our goal is to improve yours so that you don’t miss what matters. When you visit us, you are our number one priority. We listen to your story to gain a full understanding of how we can help you and find the best solution to improve your quality of life.

We will educate you about hearing loss and treatment options so you leave feeling confident about our time together. To further ensure you are receiving the best care possible, our clinics feature the latest in audiology diagnostic and treatment technology.

An essential part of our thorough evaluations is securing the perfect fit and fine-tuning. Even the most expensive hearing aid can be useless if not positioned properly in the ear, measured for performance and fine-tuned accordingly. Some of our favorite appointments begin with a patient that has nearly lost hope in hearing aids before coming to us. By making proper adjustments to the physical and acoustical features, they are finally able to get the most out of their hearing aids.

Our service doesn’t stop after your hearing issues are addressed and treated. We follow-up with our patients regularly and offer complimentary effectiveness measures, adjustments/programming, wax removal, follow up testing, counseling, battery replacements and cleanings.

We understand the value of hearing and we do whatever we can to be here for you.