Why Choose the Hill Hear Better Clinic?

A Perfect Fit

An essential part of our evaluations is securing the perfect fit for your devices. Even the most expensive hearing aid can be useless if it is not positioned properly in the ear, measured for performance and fine-tuned accordingly.

Some of our favorite appointments begin with a patient that has nearly lost hope in hearing aids before coming to us. By making proper adjustments to the physical and acoustical features, we are able to help our patients get the most out of their hearing aids.

What We Offer

Our service doesn’t stop after your hearing issues are addressed and treated. We follow-up with our patients regularly and offer effectiveness measures, fit adjustments/programming, tinnitus therapy, ear wax removal, ongoing testing and counseling. We also offer hearing aid battery replacements, hearing aid repairs and cleanings.

To accommodate each person?s individual needs, we also carry many different hearing aid models from the following manufacturers: Starkey, Oticon, Phonak, ReSound, Signia and Widex.

We understand the value of hearing and we do whatever we can to be here for you to optimize your auditory experience.

Most Hearing Technology Brands, All Styles

Initial Visit

  • Pre-Visit Assessment, Registration & Benefits Review
  • Puretone Thresholds, UCLs, Video Otoscopy, Speech Understanding in Quiet
  • Explain Test Results & Hearing Education
  • Hearing Health History & Patient Insights
  • Acoustic Immittance & Reflexes
  • Speech Understanding in Noise
  • Treatment Recommendations
  • Hearing Aid Demonstration
  • Lifestyle Hearing Guide & Discussion
  • Collaborative Care with Physician & Specialists

Fitting & Impressions

  • Set-up with Best Fit Software
  • Verification of Hearing Prescription with Real Ear Measure
  • Adjust to Hearing Needs & Education Verification with Real Ear Measure
  • Post-Fitting Call from Doctor
  • Custom Ear Molds
  • Impressions Taken by Doctor of Audiology

Ongoing Care & Health Assessments

  • Thorough Medical Audiological Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Annual Hearing and Treatment Evaluations
  • Unlimited Follow-up Visits
  • Unlimited Batteries & Supplies
  • Unlimited Cleaning & Readjustment
  • Unlimited Repair (in-house and manufacturer) and Loss
  • Unlimited Programming / Re-programming and Connecting to Mobile Phone
  • Unlimited Support Over the Phone
  • Dementia Screening with Cognivue
  • Thorough Medical Audiological Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Unlimited Wax Removal
  • Unlimited Re-testing