How to Get the Most Out of Your Hearing Aids - The Hill Hear Better Clinic

Recommendations for Success

By: Ryan Hill, Au.D.

No matter what style of hearing aid, what degree of hearing loss, or how long you have been wearing hearing aids, we have some quick tips for getting the most out of your devices.

  1. Wear your hearing aids for all waking hours

This is especially important for new hearing aid users. Being accustomed to how the hearing aid sounds and performs in every situation will make speech understanding easier and reduce listening effort!

  1. Utilize follow up appointments

While we at The Hill Hear Better Clinic set our patients? hearing aids to prescribed targets for each individual, each individual also experiences a wide array of listening environments. In order to further fine-tune and adjust hearing aids for each situation it requires follow up. We may make minor tuning changes, add programs, or make other recommendations. We also occasionally hear patients say they ?don?t want to bother us?. Trust us, it is not a bother, it is what we do and what we LOVE to do!

  1. Make sure you make your Annual Visits

Annual visits are a huge part of optimizing your hearing experience. At annuals we re-test your hearing, clean your hearing aids, clean your ears (if needed), and re-program hearing aids based on your latest test results using real ear measures. This helps to guarantee optimum fitting and optimum performance all throughout the year!

  1. If you feel you?re not hearing well, call us and come see us right away

Whether there is a wax build up, something wrong with the hearing aid, or we need to re-test a patient?s hearing, we will investigate the issue and get you hearing optimally again as soon as you come in!

  1. Come in for regular Clean and Checks

We love when our patients just stop by, and we encourage everyone to do so. So come in to any office and let us clean and check your hearing aids for free!

  1. Keep your hearing aids clean

Replacing wax guards (if applicable), replacing tubing (if applicable), brushing microphone openings, and cleaning wax from molds or hearing aids is a great way to make sure you?re hearing aid is working exactly how it was when you were first fit. But again, if you feel like cleaning doesn?t do the trick please come to one of our offices and let us check the hearing aids for you!

  1. Remember Dr. Hill?s 3-step troubleshooting guide (read aloud)

  2. Check the battery

  3. Check the wax guard

  4. Call me! Montgomery – (513) 675-8595, Cincinnati ? (513) 522-9936


Call us today and be better hearing by tomorrow!