Having Difficulty Hearing on the Phone? You May Need A Caption Phone.

Captioned Phones are Free!

By: Ryan Hill, Au.D.

Caption PhonesFor every 10-decibel reduction in hearing sensitivity, the odds of social isolation increase by 52% and may lead to a hose of other health problems. It?s critical for patient to stay connected and engaged with their family, friends, and healthcare professionals. Do you or a loved one still have difficulty hearing conversations on the phone even though you or they wear hearing aids?

While a hearing aid tune up can be all that someone needs, sometimes a little extra help can go a long way.? Even with the most precise and properly powered hearing aid fittings, there are still patients who struggle on the phone.? Someone may have a difficulty hearing with limited understanding for speech even while wearing hearing aids and can use any help they can get.

And that?s where Caption Phones come in. Caption phones not only have high powered receivers, they also display a transcript, or text-readout, of what the person on the other side of the phone is saying making sure the person with hearing loss can follow the conversation.

Are they right for you?

The nicest part about caption phones is that they are free!? The phone is free and the set-up is free! Currently, the only requirements are a landline and an internet connection.? In the very near future only an internet connection will be needed.

So how are the phones and installation free? As part of the Americans with Disabilities Act, anyone who has a phone line (land or wireless), pays a $1 miscellaneous fee every month on that line to fund this program.

The only other requirement of the whole program is that you or your loved one have a health professional certify that this equipment would be of benefit because of a hearing impairment.

Ask your audiologist today if you or a loved one is interested and could use the extra help on the phone!

At The Hill Hear Better Clinic we want our patients engaging in the ways that they should, and if we can help make phone conversations better (or any other for that matter!), please let us know!

Call us today and be better hearing by tomorrow!