5 Fun Hobbies That Could Cause Irreversible Ear Damage

As we enter the gift-giving and celebration season, it?s a good time to think about what causes ear damage. Even though our ears? purpose is to translate sound for us, too much sound is not a good thing. General conversation measures around 70 decibels but anything over 85 decibels can harm our hearing. Were you aware that many favorite pastimes are way above that level? While you?re preparing your shopping list and attending or planning holiday parties, consider these hobbies that can cause ear damage and maybe think twice before cranking up the volume during your favorite songs.

Hobbies that cause ear damage

Loud Music

Music, of course, is one of our favorite things. From playing it to listening in, there are many benefits gained from exposure to music, such as reducing stress and improving memory. Unfortunately, there can be a downside because music that is too loud is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. Be aware of what is an acceptable level and preserve your hearing to help enjoy music for years to come!


Speaking of the years ahead, wouldn?t it be great to have a beautiful table made by hand, created by you or a loved one? Imagine admiring their handiwork without realizing that woodworking could be causing ear damage. Since those same noisy saws and machines that are capable of shaping gorgeous wood could be harming you, add some ear protection to your shopping list for that favorite woodworker in your life.

Motorcycle Riding

Anyone who drives or rides in a car has probably experienced the sound of a motorcycle roaring past. While some may consider it a safety feature because other drivers definitely know there?s a motorcycle nearby, those very loud engines ? and the wind itself ? can be dangerous to motorcyclists. If you love the open road, invest in some ear plugs to help save your hearing.


You don?t have to be on a motorcycle for engine noise to be a problem. Races like NASCAR and sporting events are another hobby that may have a negative impact on your ears. Although we go to gyms to improve our health, many exercise classes play loud music and have noisy equipment. Don?t forget to protect your hearing at these venues, too.


Finally, as you ring in the New Year, be careful to protect your ears if you attend any firework displays. Fireworks and firecrackers can be as loud as 150 decibels ? well above the danger zone for hearing damage.

Knowledge is power, as they say, so when you?re out there enjoying your favorite recreational activities, remember one of your most valuable resources ? your ears ? and guard against preventable hearing loss as well as you can. If you have any questions or concerns about your hearing, please contact our experienced staff for assistance. We are here to help you hear better.