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Connection Between Heart Health and Hearing Loss

We?ve all heard that heart disease is one of the most rampant killers in the U.S., causing roughly 25% of all deaths. That is a huge number of often preventable deaths. With a bit of self-care like improving your diet and adding some exercise to your day, the risk of heart disease drastically decreases. That?s good news for our hearing, too! Did you know that hearing loss and heart disease are connected? It is a little-known fact, but our hearing health also is tied to heart health.

Because the inner ear is so small, it is quite susceptible to changes in blood flow. For someone with a compromised cardiovascular system, the heart has to work harder because it is pumping blood against obstacles like plaque built up in arteries. Poor circulation reduces the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to the body. This includes restricted blood flow to the inner ear, which can show up as long-term hearing loss.

The best defense against this type of hearing loss is to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle now; avoid second-hand smoke when you can, and certainly stop smoking if you do because it is one of the leading causes of circulation problems. It?s also a good idea to focus on removing stress where you can, as stress negatively effects both our heart and hearing. Since many researchers believe the inner ear may be the first part of the body affected by heart disease, getting your heart checked is a good idea if you?re already experiencing hearing loss.

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