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It is so easy to find excuses not to try something new. We all like staying in our comfort zone most of the time, and contemplating hearing aids is no exception. Would it surprise you to learn that patients resist hearing aids? Probably not, but have you ever thought about why?

Here are 4 common reasons why patients resist hearing aids:


This is one of the big obstacles to accepting hearing aids, like needing braces for your teeth. Worrying about how they will look often prevents someone from seeking assistance when they know they cannot hear well. It?s better to have a bit of initial self-consciousness about hearing aids than to lose your hearing, and manufacturers constantly take advantage of technology advances to make hearing aids more attractive.


Obviously, it is inevitable that we will age, but in our youth-obsessed culture, who wants to admit to getting older? Because hearing aids are often associated with getting old, it is easy to ignore the need for them. Remember, though, that regularly asking others to speak louder also could make you seem old. Why not try a discreet hearing aid so you are not falling into that stereotype?


Hearing aids are expensive, and Medicaid does not cover the cost of them. An evaluation exam is typically covered, but for someone on a fixed income, it could seem like a huge expense to buy hearing aids. Think for a moment ? what is your hearing worth? Investing in hearing aids is worth the price.


Managing expectations is two-fold because some people claim they are too old to learn how to use hearing aids. Adapting to new technology is part of the challenge, but we do it all the time. It should be second nature by now. Microwave ovens were something new once, too, and now you probably use one every day! The other side of the coin is bad publicity from well-meaning friends who were quite vocal about a bad hearing aid experience. Properly fitted devices absolutely can and do improve hearing, but they do not cure hearing loss.

If you recognize any of these in yourself or a loved one, please focus on the benefits of actually being able to hear. Like any other change, it may take some time to get used to the appearance or technology of hearing aids, but it is a worthwhile effort. We are here to assist when you are ready to take that next step, and our expert staff will help as much as possible so you can hear better.[/vc_column_text][vc_tweetmeme][/vc_column][/vc_row]