Reflecting on a Legacy: Mike Hill's Journey to Retirement - The Hill Hear Better Clinic
Mike Hill

We find ourselves at a bittersweet crossroads at the Hill Hear Better Clinic. Dr. Mike Hill, our passionate founder, has announced his retirement from the practice. His last day will be April 25 of this year. For four decades, Mike has dedicated his life to the advancement of hearing care, profoundly impacting both the field of audiology and the lives of countless patients along the way. 

Dr. Hill’s journey began within a hospital setting, an experience that laid the foundation for his lifelong passion for audiology. This passion led him to found The Hill Hear Better clinic 37 years ago, a practice that has since become synonymous with excellence and compassionate care in hearing health. Under Mike’s guidance, the clinic has grown to 3 offices across the tri-state area, each a place of hope for those seeking to improve their hearing and quality of life. 

This transition is bitter because we’re losing a valued team member who has developed lasting relationships with patients and our team. It’s sweet because this retirement is well-deserved for Mike, who has dedicated so much of his life to helping others. It’s time for him to take some time for himself and his family!

Reflecting on his career, Mike often shares how fortunate he feels to have found a calling that is so closely aligned with his personal values and professional aspirations. “If you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life,” he frequently remarks, a sentiment that perfectly encapsulates his tenure in the field. Mike’s genuine joy in his work is evident in the lasting relationships he has built, not only with his colleagues but also with the many patients who have come to regard him as more than their audiologist—they see him as a friend.

As we bid farewell to Mike, we do so with deep gratitude for his unwavering commitment and visionary leadership. His retirement is not just a milestone in his life but also an opportunity for us to celebrate the immense impact he has had on our clinic and the field of audiology at large. 

To Dr. Mike Hill, we offer our heartfelt thanks and best wishes for a retirement filled with the joy and satisfaction that comes from knowing you have truly made a difference. 

Although Mike is moving on, our dedication to your hearing health will not cease. All 3 of our locations will continue to operate and utilize best practices developed over the years by Dr. Hill and his talented team. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.