How Better Hearing Plans Benefit You - The Hill Hear Better Clinic

Closeup of a young girl whispering in grandmother's ear outdoors

By Mike Hill, Au.D

Did you know that untreated hearing loss can affect overall health and wellness? Therefore, it?s critical to not only treat hearing loss as early as possible but to also manage your hearing loss that same way you would for other chronic health conditions?with proactive and ongoing care. The hearing aid is just the one small component of a lifetime of hearing health ? it is not the answer to everything.

Just as someone with diabetes, high blood pressure or arthritis needs regular monitoring and treatment to manage their condition, so do patients experiencing hearing loss. That?s why we offer ?Better Hearing Plans? in our clinics?holistic care that addresses your hearing needs on a regular basis. These plans benefit our patients by offering the following:

  • An initial exam using the latest technology to diagnose your hearing issues and determine the best treatment, based on your individual hearing needs and lifestyle
  • Education to help you understand your hearing loss, treatment options, what to expect and next steps for your care
  • Fit, position and performance evaluations to ensure that your devices are performing optimally. We also provide fine-tuning and adjustments, as needed
  • Follow-up visits for ongoing testing and counseling
  • Hearing aid batteries and replacement supplies
  • Back up hearing aids, as needed
  • Hearing aid repairs and cleanings
  • Ear wax removal

We understand that your hearing matters and we are here to provide you with the highest level of care. At The Hill Hear Better Clinic, we are the difference between hearing a little bit better and maximizing your auditory experience.