Finding Your Perfect Fit - The Hill Hear Better Clinic

Fine-Tuning Your Hearing Devices for Optimal Fit and Performance

By Ryan Hill, Au.D.

At The Hill Hear Better Clinic, we talk a lot about the importance of proper fit. From ill-fitting earpieces that can cause discomfort or, even worse fall out and get lost, to hearing aids that are not adjusted for different sound environments correctly or provide unpleasant feedback, we?ve seen it all. And we have the expertise to help our valued patients achieve optimum hearing.

One of our favorite stories is when a patient came to us after having issues with hearing aids that he purchased from another practice. For years, he experienced significant feedback, struggled to hear in almost any environment and the aids themselves kept sliding out of his ear, due to improper fit. ?After fitting him with custom ear molds, increasing the strength of his receiver and re-tuning his new hearing aids, he could hear sounds, and most importantly, aspects of conversation, he hadn?t heard in a long time. Seeing how happy he was after receiving proper treatment and his satisfaction at follow-up appointments is what makes our jobs so rewarding.

Another time, we had the opportunity to help a patient who had also been fit elsewhere with stock hearing aids that kept falling out of her ears. This also caused her to lose her hearing aids more than once within a few years, leading to costly replacements.? After evaluating her, we determined that her receivers were too long and her domes were too small, causing them to fall out. After a quick adjustment, she was able to wear them without any issues and even resumed playing golf, walking her dog and playing tennis?but now with her hearing aids in.

So, if you are experiencing issues with your hearing devices, related to fit, fine-tuning or otherwise, we are here to help.