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May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! As professionals in the field, this month is an opportunity to educate the public about hearing health issues that affect people everywhere. Did you know that one in eight Americans over age 12 experience hearing loss? In adults over age 65, that number increases to one in three!

This May we’re spreading the word about the impact of hearing loss and communication disorders, which can have causes and repercussions that affect more than just your ears. And we can think of few better places to do so than at the first annual Local 12 Health and Retirement Expo. Join us on May 3, from 10am – 2pm at the Sharonville Convention Center for a free video otoscopy, a special giveaway, and much more!

Hearing Loss and Aging

It’s commonly understood that hearing loss and aging go hand-in-hand – but that isn’t the whole story. Many people experience hearing loss as they get older and the two things can be related. But that doesn’t mean aging is the cause of hearing loss. The true culprit could be something like damage from loud noise, a medication you’re taking, or even your family history.

Whether it’s genetics, trauma, disease, medication, or something else, pinning down the cause behind your hearing loss helps us treat it effectively. Hearing loss tends to get worse over time and can affect other areas of your life, contributing to conditions like cognitive decline and depression.

How Better Hearing and Speech Impacts You

Think of how much you rely on your senses. If your sense of vision is impaired, you would likely do whatever you could to make up for it. You would probably get glasses or contact lenses or you might even seek eye surgery. You do all that because of how much you need your vision; without it, you couldn’t read, drive, see your loved ones, or even walk down the street or around your home without assistance.

It may not seem like it has as big of an impact on your life and health, but hearing loss affects more than just your ears. Losing your sense of hearing comes with risks that might not be as apparent as those that come with losing your vision, but they are still very real. Research shows that untreated hearing loss is linked to a 200% to 500% higher risk for cognitive decline and dementia. It can also result in feelings of isolation and an inability to connect with those around you, leading to depression.

Take Action This May

It’s not too late to seek treatment for your hearing loss! A hearing evaluation at The Hill Hear Better Clinic is the first step toward better hearing. We’ll measure your unique level of hearing loss and find treatment options that are right for you and your lifestyle. With hearing loss treatment, you’ll see an improvement in your quality of life as you’re able to engage in conversations and connect with your loved ones again.

Want to learn more before you take the leap? Come visit us at the Local 12 Health and Retirement Expo at the Sharonville Convention Center to get more information and schedule your first consultation!