Hearing Matters

The Benefits of Technology: Why You Need New Hearing Aids

  We’re constantly amazed by the leaps and bounds being made in technology. Cars use less gas and are better for the environment. Phones are equipped with AI that can answer any question you ask and help you track your health. Smart home systems that can run all of your appliances and even call emergency […]

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The Hill Hear Better Clinic Is Dr. Cliff Approved!

For over three decades, The Hill Hear Better Clinic has worked to provide the best treatment possible to those suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus. We’ve always treated each patient with compassion and utilized the most advanced technology to find solutions for each individual’s needs. Now we’re proud to announce that The Hill Hear Better […]

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The Troubling Link Between Hearing Loss and Depression

We know that hearing loss can come with emotional difficulties. When your sense of hearing is impaired, life becomes more complicated. You may have trouble communicating with others, putting a strain on your relationships and even simple day-to-day interactions. You might feel isolated or lonely. But the issues may run deeper. New research suggests hearing […]

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Cognivue Cognitive Testing at The Hill Hear Better Clinic

At The Hill Hear Better Clinic, we strive to be up-to-date with the latest technology, research, and treatment practices. That’s why we’ve chosen to equip our office with easy-to-use cognitive testing through Cognivue. But what does cognitive testing have to do with your hearing aids? Here’s how Cognivue testing will benefit you: Hearing Is Linked […]

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The Differences Between Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids

Curious about the differences between cochlear implants and hearing aids? We’ll break it down to help you understand which treatment is right for you!

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The Risks of Going Without a Hearing Aid When You Truly Need It

The risks of untreated hearing loss are bigger than you might think. Find out how hearing loss can be harmful and how hearing aids can help!

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Understanding the 3 Main Types of Hearing Loss

We’re recognizing Better Hearing and Speech Month by helping you understand the types of hearing loss and take the first step toward better hearing. 

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The Best Hearing Protection for Shooting Sports Enthusiasts

Considering all the uncertainty around us the past month, wouldn’t it be great to have good news about something we have some control over? Well, when it comes to protecting our hearing, we personally have the power to make a difference. We have mentioned before how our hobbies can unknowingly cause hearing damage, and this […]

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What to Expect at Your First Hearing Aid Fitting

Doing anything for the first time can be intimidating. Luckily, with a little advance research, you can learn what to expect at your first hearing aid fitting and help alleviate any concerns. We have a few tips below to ease you through that appointment.

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Helping a Loved One Suffering From Hearing Loss

Acknowledging hearing loss can be tough for everyone involved. Despite the causes of hearing loss, it is undoubtedly something that can be difficult to accept because it often accompanies aging, which many people try to ignore. If you know someone suffering from hearing loss, you may wonder what is the best way to support them, [...]Read More