5 Signs It?s Time to Consider a Hearing Aid - The Hill Hear Better Clinic

woman's hand putting in a hearing aid in a mans ear

As we?ve just celebrated the Fourth of July with beautifully colorful fireworks displays that often are quite loud, what better time is there to think about our hearing, which so many of us take for granted and rarely discuss? If you?ve ever wondered whether it might be time to consider a hearing aid, chances are, it might be. Here are some common signs that indicate yes, it is!

Others Complain TV is Too Loud

Surround sound speakers provide such a rich immersion experience, it?s no wonder everyone enjoys watching TV and movies that way. However, if your family or friends regularly complain that you have the volume too loud, you may want to have your hearing tested. Over time, those amazing, loud speakers ? think of the booming sound in movie theaters from the film in the cinema next to yours where you can feel the walls shake! ? can cause a lot of damage to your ears.

Trouble Hearing on the Phone

In our must-have smartphone world, texting is often replacing actual voice calls, which is a great thing in instances where hearing impairment already exists. Sometimes, though, you still need to speak to someone on the phone, and if you?re finding it increasingly difficult to hear whomever is on the other end, it wouldn?t hurt to have your hearing checked because trouble hearing on the phone is one of the major signs you may need hearing aids.

Hard to Follow a Conversation in a Crowd

Most of us probably have been in a crowded restaurant or event where all the loud conversations around us make it tough to follow what?s being said nearby. The distraction factor alone in those scenarios makes it harder to choose one topic to focus on, but most can choose a conversation thread to follow. When you?re in that situation and having trouble following ANY conversation because you just can?t hear the others, a hearing aid may be the solution.

You Think Everyone Else is Mumbling

If you?ve spoken with a teenager lately, the mumbling replies may not be hearing related because they can be amazingly skilled at not pronouncing words clearly when they don?t feel like talking! Outside of teen parenting-angst, if you think everyone around you isn?t speaking clearly, it may not be them. An occasional misunderstanding is quite normal, but constant complaints that others don?t enunciate their words mean it?s time for a hearing test.

?What?? Is Your Standard Reply

Let?s face it, when someone interrupts your concentration, ?What?? is often your instinctive response because your brain hasn?t had time to switch gears from what you were doing to listening to someone else. Sometimes your brain catches up before they can repeat what they said, and ?Oh, yeah?? soon precedes your reply. Asking what like that happens a lot, but when you?re in a one-on-one conversation and find yourself asking ?What?? constantly, that?s a good indication it might be time to consider a hearing aid.

If you?d like to discuss options for having your hearing tested, we?d be happy to help make your life less frustrating in the event that hearing loss is the cause! Please give us a call, send an email, or stop by one of our clinics.